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NTGS is proud to present the new 8x8 Combat Vehicle of Spanish design: TORO.

One of its most important features is being hybrid propelled. This implies fuel consumption is very low, what means a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases as well as in the logistic support required.

TORO noise and infrared signature are also very low; thus, improves its masking ability is extremely good.

One of the main concerns during the vehicle design phase was the crew safety, especially against mine blasting, bombing lorries and other kind of terrorist attacks.

TORO weights 19 tons and is provided with innovating propulsion systems with two identical power generators; if one of them suffers any failure event and stops working, the other one will still be able to move the Vehicle. With engines off, TORO can move for 20 km thanks to its batteries.

TORO vehicle has been designed with COTS elements so that manufacturing and maintenance costs are unbeatable in comparison with any similar vehicle currently available in the market.